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When you see “A cheap BBQ and Hotpot stall”, are you interested? Or would you be more interested when I say “Mustard+ Water Convolvulus+ Egg+ Corn+ Chicken set as 1800 kyats”? This place is in the crowded Hledan.

The name of this stall is Let’s Grill. It’s located on Zeyar Thiri Street (The street beside Ice Berry). We don’t have to walk a lot after turning into the street. It is on the right side. First of all, since this is a budget shop, it will be okay for those who are not fussy about things or whose intention is just to eat. I don’t know if it was because of the weather. Even though we sat at the table right beside the air cooler, it was a bit hot in the stall. I saw two fans above us but I wasn’t sure whether they turned them on or not after we took a seat because I was really paying all my attention to food 😂.

While we were choosing to order, they offered free drinks. The taste wasn’t bad. For ordering meats, we only had to tick what we would like to order but for vegetables, we had to go pick what we wanted by ourselves. There’re two types for sauce, sweet and spicy, and we could choose whatever we liked. (Yes, we had to go and take it on our own.) I prefer the spicy one but it is not too spicy.

If you want more Hotpot soup, you can tell the waiters to add some into the pot. Actually, they put a kettle of hotpot soup on every table but we told them to add some for us. I don’t like chicken from 1800 set that much but beef and spicy pork are really tasty. I like them the most. We put the pork meatballs into the soup and boiled for a long time so when we eat meatballs, they are great. And the prices are – 1000 kyats for all meats, 200-500 kyats for vegetables and 500 kyats for mushrooms and meatballs. I think it’s pretty cheap.

If you really want to eat a lot with the money around 10000 kyats and care about the taste only, then you won’t find any problem with this stall. Since the tables are quite close to one another, we find it a little bit difficult to stand up if the seat behind us is occupied. But that’s not a serious problem though. Whatever, if you want a good taste with a cheap price, you should give it a try. For me, I will probably be going there again 😂.

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