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Bagan, an ancient city located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River in the Mandalay Region, is the most impressive place where thousands of Buddhist temples and pagodas are spread across its plains alone. Since now is the monsoon season which means lower temperatures creating a perfect time for traveling to the middle of the dry zone. Bagan is beautiful with its fresh environment of bright green leaves, cloudy sky and graceful pagodas this time around. It is also important to know some good places to eat when you travel.

Good Breakfast Places

For breakfasts, Anja Mohinga (Village Style Fish Soup) and Pepyot Tamin Sisan (Rice mixed with oil and boiled pesas) are mostly seem menus from the teashops.

The Anja Mohinga’s cooking style is different from the Yangon Mohinga as they used chickpeas as main ingredient. The Tamin Sisan also has an appetizing smell of peanut oil and delicious taste. Mahar Nwe and Khaing Wah near Nyaung U Zay offer Bagan’s signature breakfast items like famous sweetened tea, Anja Mohinga and others.

Good Lunch Places

There are many choices of restaurants around North Ananda Temple and Old Tharabar Gate in Old Bagan, Thiripyitsaya 4th Street in Nyaung U and Kayay Street in New Bagan respectively.

A nice vegetarian cafe called The Moon is located at the Old Tharabar Gate, North of the Ananda Temple in Old Bagan. They offer various vegetarian dishes, Western and Myanmar traditional cuisines at cheap prices which are pretty famous among local and foreign travelers. The bamboo built and Pathein umbrella roofed decorations give you the village lifestyle feel and cool shady outdoor seats.

In New Bagan, 7 Sisters from New Ni Street can give you a royal feeling of having meal at the authentic Bagan Palace with its Myanmar, Chinese, Thai and European dishes.

Another well-known spot in New Bagan is The Teak House at Khwar Nyo Street where you can try their distinguished menus such as Palm Juice Beef, Tea Leaf Chicken, and Tea Leaf Pork.

If you mainly want to try the Myanmar traditional rice and curry, there are also a few buffet places in Bagan. One of them is Myo Myo in Nyaung U where you can find a wide variety of neat, clean and tasty Myanmar cuisines.

Evening Coffee Break

Bagan ZayThere is one good coffee place named Coffee Time where you can take a rest in a cozy environment with their drinks and snacks at fair prices.

Good dinner places

Near Bupaya Pagoda, Erawati Raft on the Ayeyarwady River can make your evening better with a great sunset view and a romantic dinner. A wide range of Asian, Western and beverage menus are provided in pleasant taste.
La Pizza on the corner of Yarkhinthar Street is a perfect place for those who want a taste of pizzas while visiting Bagan. They offer freshly baked and warm pizzas, and their unique way of combining Myanmar traditional tea leaf and snacks as toppings on the Italian pizza will give you a different taste of something new.

If you are looking for an ideal nightlife experience during your stay in Bagan, the bar counter from Ostella Bello Bagan Hostel is a nice fit to enjoy fun-filled moments with their cocktails, mocktails, beers, wines and other beverage drinks.

At Thiripyitsaya 4th Street in Nyaung U, there is a cozy eatery known as Bagan Zay, is a perfect one to end a day of sightseeing. You can enjoy their excellent Burmese cuisines with western influence and a wide selection of great cocktails, wines and juices.

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