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Restaurants always play a crucial role in social life. Also the special events of life, like birthday, anniversary, and weddings are celebrated in restaurants. Sometimes people show how much they care their loves or families having fine dining at the famous restaurants or top restaurants. That is why Doemal wants to provide you five top Asia restaurants.

Gaggan Restaurant

Gaggan is a No. 1 top restaurant of Asia in 2017 and it is in the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, placing 7th overall worldwide collated by Restaurant Magazine.Gaggan Anand’s fertile, a main chef of Gaggan restaurant opens this restaurant because he wants to introduce the fun tasting menu which balances the soulfulness of Indian food with hyper modern cooking technique and the menu is remixed with different regions’ special food in India and twisted with some Asian countries’ food. It is a beautiful colonial building style and the decoration style is simple and only opens for dinner. Their special food of emoji menu is popular among the food lovers. Their special menu of kiss me (made out of Litchi and Yuzu Jelly which is served in beetle leaf), Plastic nuts (this bag had a mix of lentil and wasabi in an edible rice paper sheet that looked like plastic), the signature dish of Yogurt explosion which flavours of rock salt, coriander and chaat masala, Eggplant Cookie with onion chutney, Chutoro Sushi (Gaggan’s version sushi, served with bluefin tuna and rice dough), Akami Wrap which is remixed version dish of Mexican and Japanese, made out of rice cracker with tuna, onion, coriander and garlic, Corn goat brain are the popular menu among their customers around the world.

 André Restaurant

 André is a fine-dining restaurant opened by the head chef André Chiang, located in Singapore. It is a 2nd best restaurant in Asia and 14th place at the World’s best restaurants and it offers only 30 seats everyday. There are eight important words of Unique, Pure, Texture, Memory, Salt, South, Artisan, Terroir in André. The Standout dish of Octaphilosophy is based on this eight words. All plates, bowls and some furniture are designed by Chef André. This restaurant becomes one of the top list restaurants in Asia because of its beautiful, interesting, tasty decorated food and desserts. Each dish was stylishly presented and only used high quality ingredients.

Amber Restaurant

The third best restaurant in Asia of Amber restaurant is also the world’s 24th best restaurant.  It is a French fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong where good French cooking fares in a dramatically Eastern cultural demographic. Elegantly presented dish of Hokkaido sea urchin is a signature dish of Amber.

½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Restaurant
½ Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA is  No.4 best restaurants in Asian and it is No.62 best restaurants around the world. It is a best place to eat legit Italian food in Hong Kong and run by chef Umberto Bombana. Everything on the menu are tasty, combining local and Italian ingredients in a series of traditional dishes. The popular menus are Cavatelli with Shellfish Ragout and UNI, Mayura Beef Shoulder Cut , Black Truffle Ice Cream and Burrata Cheese Ravioli.

Nahm Restaurant

Nahm, 5th best restaurant in Asia, specializing in delicious Thai food which also a Thailand’s top restaurant. The food is a modern take place on traditional Thai fare with strong, fresh flavors. It provides the authentic taste of Thai cuisines and it is really nice delicious for local and visitors. You probably cannot find other restaurants in the Top 50 list with price of this restaurant.

These all are top five Asia best restaurant for 2017. All restaurants offer you the authentic foods cooked by the professional chefs. They provide unique signature foods where all the ingredients and taste will make you know why they are standing as the best restaurant. These are top restaurants in Asia, but you can find the best restaurants in Myanmar by using our Doemal application->

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