Asian Style Breakfast

Asian Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important first meal of the meal. A good breakfast is like fuels for you and it helps to get ready for the day. Eating a nutritious breakfast promotes weight maintenance and weight loss by maintain blood glucose levels and your metabolism. Besides people who eat breakfast are healthier than people who don’t eat breakfast. There are various kinds of breakfast around the world depend upon the culture and local ingredients. Most of the Asian countries’ breakfasts are mainly rice based food and dishes.

Myanmar is one of the Southeast Asian countries and rice is the staple food for people in the country. Myanmar breakfast are usually based on rice foods and might start out with a plate of fried rice with bean, Mohinkha (rice noodle with fish soup), steamed glutinous rice with beans, coconut noodles and rice based traditional Myanmar snacks.

China is an incredibly rich culture with long history. The most popular breakfasts are congee and dim sums. Chinese breakfast often consists of rice complemented by small amount of vegetable, meat or fish. In many parts of China, dim sum is enjoyed as a breakfast in the morning. Popular breakfast of Congee is prepared a great variety of ingredients, usually meats, vegetables and herbs. For drinks, a cup of tea would suffice.

In Korea, a typical breakfast consists of foods that could be found in lunch or dinner as well. Rice with several side dishes of Kimchi, spicy cucumber, a bowl of soup and meat dishes. If you wake up hangover in Korea haejang soup is the best treatment and suitable breakfast. The ingredients in Haejag soup are dried Napa cabbage, vegetables, meats and beef broth.

A common breakfast plate in India include roti (flatbread), dosa (thin crepe made of lentils), steamed rice dough pancakes, chutneys and potato curries and a cup of Indian tea.

Traditional Japanese breakfast in general are steamed rice, miso soup(Miso is a Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybean), fish or meat curry egg omelet roll and other side dishes of pickles or fermented soy beans. Normally traditional breakfast is simply but savory, just like the Japanese cuisine itself.

As pho is indeed the most popular choice for breakfast in Vietnam. The sweet flavor of simmering beef bones, star anise, cinnamon, onion and ginger in pho. Delicious breakfast foods of Vietnam are a soup with rice or noodles that consist of meat such as beef, chicken and pork, Vietnamese bread, Sticky rice and steamed roll. The breakfast is finished with a cup of strong Vietnamese coffee with sweet condensed milk.

Foods selected by the Thai for breakfast are also eaten as lunch and dinner. Single dishes are often sold on street stalls for breakfast but they’re also available at other times of the day. In Thailand their common breakfast is Choke- a rice congee, Thai fish rice soup, Thai style omelet, fried rice, rice with meat dishes.

Singapore and neighboring country of Malaysia have same common breakfast called Nasi Lemak. This is rice cooked in coconut milk, spices like ginger and lemongrass with pandan leaves. It is usually served with chicken, beef or fish and available easily most of street vendors.
There may be different expectation for breakfast between Asian and western. Asian breakfast is not only in high and rich nutrients but also include its culture spirits.

Cyclo Vietnamese RestaurantCyclo Vietnamese Restaurant

No,133, Lamadaw Street, Latha Township, Yangon

My Garden Unplugged RestaurantMy Garden Unplugged  Restaurant

Alone Street, opposite side of Summit Park View, Dagon Township, Yangon.


No.15, Nawaday Street, Dagon Township, Yangon.

Khaing Khaing Kyaw Traditional food centerKhaing Khaing Kyaw

No,671(A), 51/2 Mile, Pyay Road, Yangon.

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Corner of 4th street, Anawyatha Street, Yankin Township, Yangon.

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