Food Introduction

Asian Restaurants in Yangon

Asian foods go really well with Burmese people’s taste.

And Asian restaurants are nearly everywhere.

In this content, the restaurants are a little bit expensive. But it is worthy. And the amount of food that they serve is more than enough. You should reward yourself in payday by treating your body.

And all these restaurants have wide spaces and even suitable to go together with family.

So, let’s see.

Indian Tadka

I would like to start with Indian food which is familiar to Burmese people.

Located at Myanmar Plaza’s third floor and it is very worthy with its price. You can have the real taste of Indian food. And also the cutleries and decorations will prove you the taste of Indian restaurant. You can taste the real naan in here. Samosa and Butter Milk Chicken are musts.


This one locate at the ground floor of Super Hotel on Kabar Aye Road. Not only the real Japanese taste foods but also the salmons, tunas and other fish that they use for sashimi are fresh and first class.


This is an Indonesian Restaurant. There is not much Indonesian restaurants in Yangon. I am sure that this is the place to feel the real taste of the Indonesian foods. Try the Indonesian fried Chicken. And you will know.

Paradise Dynasty

If you are up to southern Chinese foods, you should go to this restaurant. It locates at Junction Square. The pop stickers taste is awesome. And try the handmade noodles. You can have the noodles with many flavors. But be careful! It is too much even for three persons. Try the desserts too. I love the taste of Sesame Pancake.

Thai 47

This is the real Thai restaurant. Moo Ping which is the grilled pork is the same as Bangkok’s taste. The Kwae Tyaoung is really tasty. They have delivery too. And the decorations will make you feel like you are in Thailand. It’s on Aung Ze Ya Street  in Kyauk Kone.

Singapore Hawker

On Thitsar road of Yankin township and you can have tasty Singaporean foods .The chicken rice will make you out of this world. They have really nice drinks too.


You can feel the Korean foods as if you are visiting Korea. Grilled pork is my favorite in this place. The location is No.15 Kanbawza Street in Golden Valley.

Now, it’s been around Asia.

I won’t say too much more.

Go and eat around in pay day by holding your money.


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