All Things You Need To Know About Shisha


Shisha has become trendy among young people nowadays. Due to its cool taste, shape and design, it became popular. More and more people are starting to try shisha smoking and become regular shisha smokers.

What is Shisha?


Shisha smoking is a way of smoking tobacco or cigarette. A shisha bowl is an instrument for smoking flavored tobacco or nicotine, whose smoke is passed through a water basin. The smoker inhales the smoke from the substances being burnt through the mouth piece at the tube end.

History of Shisha


Shisha smoking has been around the Middle East and India for quite a long time. Unlike the modern shisha, there were only low quality smells and materials back then. They used some pots similar to the shisha pot to grind the local tobacco products. It is used as a luxury item for a better smoking experience.

Modern shishas use new materials which make them more durable and eliminate odors while smoking. Modern technologies and new design trends are still changing the shisha appearance. However, because of high production cost and lack of modern equipment in traditional shisha manufacturing, most shishas are still produced with older technologies, despite the benefits.

Nowadays, shisha lovers are increasing all over the world. You can easily find shisha at bars and clubs.

How does Shisha taste like?


Shisha uses several flavorings including fruit based such as orange, apple, strawberry, cherry, cola and tobacco with strong taste and smell. Flavors added to shisha make the smoke more aromatic than cigarette.

Is Shisha harmful?


Everybody already knows that smoking cigarette is bad for health. Then, is shisha also bad for you? Well, smoking shisha is considered to be a little safer than smoking cigarette. However, shisha smoking can also be as addictive and risky as cigarette when you consume too much of it.

Sharing your shisha with your friends can also cause infectious diseases.

Also do not forget to tell us about your favorite shisha flavors here.

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