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When you hear the word “ramen,” it’s no surprise that dozens upon dozens of adaptations of Japan’s iconic noodle soup may spring to mind. Today I would like to talk about 5 things you need to know about ramen before eating ramen.


1.Ramen was invented in China

Fossil evidence shows that noodles were made in China as early as 2000 B.C., but the dish has since come to be known as a specialty of Japan.


2.It originally had a different name

The noodle dish was first known as shina soba, which translates roughly to “Chinese-style soup,” before its popularity exploded. It’s since been called ramen, which some linguists believe an adaptation of the Chinese term for hand-pulled noodles, la mein.


3.World War II inspired instant ramen

Japan’s involvement in the war led to food shortages and famine throughout the country, and tight government regulations on food leaving the people with little to eat. The long lines of starving people waiting in line for noodles at the time inspired a Japanese man, Momofuku Ando, to fulfill the demand for ramen. He invented instant noodles and began selling mass-produced, packaged ramen in 1958. He later founded Nissin Foods.


4.Ramen can cure a hangover

The seasoning packets that come with each batch of instant ramen hold magical powers. Well, at least it feels that way on the morning after! The spice mixture packed with sodium, which can replenish the salts that your body loses through dehydration from drinking. Next time you reach for a bottle of Energy drink to soothe your throbbing headache. Think about slurping a bowl of Breakfast Ramen instead!


5.It’s even been to outer space

Nissin Foods invented a special noodle that’s edible in space called “Space Ram,.

6.It took 5 years to develop Cup Noodles

Making ramen even easier to cook and eat wasn’t an easy process. But the pre-portioned cups with seasoning and vegetables introduced in 1971.


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