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All about Instant Noodle Museum in Yokohama, Japan

What a really creative museum?

The ramen noodle from Japan which is Japan’s traditional food is very famous all over the world. Ramen noodle is very delicious and a privilege foods by Japans.

In this museum, there are a lot of about instant noodle history, the processes of making of instant noodle cups and knowledge of ramen noodle cups.

Where is the location of the museum?

The museum located at the Naka-ku ward, Shinko Road, Yokohama, Japan.

What are the opening hours and days?

The museum opens from 9am to 6pm for everyday and there is no off day.

Why the museum was built?

The museum was built in the honor of the father of the instant noodle cups, Momofuku Ando. Inside the museum, there are a lot of knowledge about Momofuku Ando and the histories of how he invented the ramen noodle cups.

What can you study in the museum?

You can study all about how Momofuku Ando invented instant noodle cups, the steps of making instant noodle cup, the steps of packaging and knowledge of instant noodle cups.

How much is the entrance fees?

The entrance fees is 500 yen.

How long does it take to see the instant noodle cup making processes?

It takes about an hour to see the whole processes.

If you visit Japan, we would like to suggest you not to forget to visit this Instant Noodle Cup Museum.


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