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All about Fish Paste

If you are a Myanmar, you must eat fish paste and vegetables. It is a good food to make you appetite. Fish paste has to eat it with by boiling it with water. Fish paste has to make by marinating small fish or a kind of fish with salt and leave it until it gone bad .After leaving for many days, when the smell gets better you can open it and eat it. You usually eat it with raw vegetables .The raw vegetables could be cucumber, baby eggplant, lettuce or pickles.

In Myanmar, the regions where you can get really nice fish paste are Ayeyarwaddy Division, Tanintharyi Division and Rakhine State which near with the sea. Fish paste from there are really good and clean and they use fresh goods too.

In every food, they have pros and cons. There are so many pros in a very clean food. Nowadays, people use a lot of chemical to make fish paste which can attack our health conditions. You carefully need to choose when you eat fish paste. Fish paste can help with your body growth since it has a lot of vitamins in it. You can also have the salt that your body needs. But if you eat too much, it can give you high blood pressure due to salty taste and other disease such as heart attack and diabetes can be happened.

Fish paste has been a necessary dish in Myanmar history. It has been eaten from the royal family to basic people .Also from rich to poor. We are sure that you will also like the fish paste when you try it. So ,let’s eat fish paste by reading this content.

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