Lovely Natural Environment Place – Alamanda Inn Restaurant and Bar

Alamanda Inn

Alamanda InnDo you want to escape for a while from the noisy crowded environment? There has a nice occasional  natural environment place that can feel you are in a Jungle. This place is Alamanda Inn Restaurant and Bar. It is located in the Golden valley residential area and a tropical garden environment which is a place where you can meet up for a refreshing drink and delightful meal.

Alamanda InnIt is a hidden gem place and people who come here for lunch or romantic dinner and talk business. It always provides best drink, desserts and great Western foods. The open air restaurant of Alamanda  Inn Restaurant and Bar serves breakfast, lunch and dinner food especially French foods including salads, sandwiches, pastas and steak along with French good wine selection and French best sparkling.

Alamanda InnThey also have a nice bar which serves liquor, cocktails, fresh fruits juice and yogurt based desserts. Their special menu for day by day is always changing and they have lunch option as well as many special offer listed on blackboard. So when you go there for your meal, you can easily know what their special menu is for today. Their popular food of
pepper steak & French fries will comfort meat lovers.

Natural environment surrounded by trees feel you are directly touch with nature. It is also a perfect place for group gathering and a good place for family relaxing time. Its relaxful environment for kids to wonder and happy. Their features free Wi-Fi throughout the property and so you can work effectively under the natural environment.

Alamanda InnEat the classic French food with great wine and feel the pleasant peaceful environment make sure to relax and the best recommended place for romantic dinner.

Alamanda InnIf you are looking for a charming hotel in residential area of Yangon with very nice outdoor restaurant and the best food place, Alamanda Inn is ready for you. The rooms are in two old converted colonial buildings. It is a famous place because of its blissfully quiet natural compound, the Alamanda Inn combines attractively decorated room.
Alamanda Inn Restaurant and BarThe room’s decoration is mixed with French Style decoration and traditional Myanmar style decorations. Beautiful white mosquito net in the room, private bathroom with full of facilities that can provide you have a peaceful atmosphere to make your stay relaxing and comfortable in Yangon.
Alamanda InnThe staffs are quietly helpful and their services are amazing.
Alamanda Inn, Restaurant and Bar location is a little difficult discover place because of the quiet street and ward.

Alamanda InnMany newcomers to Yangon, French food lovers and Natural environment lover may be yet to discover that charming place. It is situated in the 60/ B Shwe Taung Gyar Road (Golden Valley Road), Bahan Township, Yangon. Let’ spend your relaxing time at Alamanda Inn, Restaurant and Bar.

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