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Acknowledgements of Cooking Oils

There are many kinds of cooking oils in nowadays. It is hard to choose the most suitable one for your health within your own budget line. This content is about important information of cooking oil which can be found in markets.

  • Peanut Oil

The only championship of Burmese people. Contain lots of fats and the smell and taste is fantastic. Over eating could harm your health. Best to use for frying

  • Olive Oil

Suitable for health. Expensive and nearly almost scentless. Good for cooking curries.

  • Soybean Oil

A choice if you are on diet. It contains a very few amount of cholesterol. But only a few people like the strong scent of soybean oil. Cheap and also a popular demand.

  • Vegetables Oil

People who have diabetes should choose this one. It has different price ranges. But the quality is different.

  • Coconut Palm Oil

A clean and pure type is rare and hard to find. The pure and natural one is cheap and doesn’t harm our health.

  • Coconut Virgin Oil

Coconut Virgin Oil which is used for cooking purposes is quite expensive and have best scent and taste. It is good for health and helps you to lose weight.

  • Sunflower Oil

It became popular recently. But should only use once for frying. Prices are at different ranges.

  • Sesame Oil

Full of nourishments and best scent. But over using can harm you. Most expensive one though.

I think it is enough and complete. Just want to say only one thing. Eating fats cannot make flesh but eating too much can cause harms. Wishing you all for best health.

Nicki Rangoon

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