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A list of restaurants you can visit in Hledan

This time, Doemal made a list of restaurants with fair prices and good tastes for those who want to roam and eat in the Hledan area. Let’s see.

A list of restaurants you can visit in Hledan

Hledan is a place that is crowded almost all day in Yangon.  On holidays, if you don’t want to stay at home and want to go out with friends, you don’t have to worry about food since there are a lot of restaurants in Hledan. Ah, what you need to worry about choosing the menu.

If you want to fill up your stomach with just 1500 kyats, then I suggest you should go to My Banhmi which is in the outdoor of Hledan Sein Gay Har. A long bread with soft and warm meats inside… I am becoming hungry just by thinking. It’s better to eat it while it is warm. If you want to satisfy your hunger with a low budget, this one is perfect. But it’s inconvenient to eat there if there are a lot of customers.

The next one is Wallace which is situated near the Hledan Kyang Shae bus stop. You can chill there peacefully so it’s great for those who want to kill time. They have plug sockets for each table so if you want to write assignments, it’s okay too. They have a variety of menus so you can choose whatever you prefer.

If you want to eat BBQ, then, of course, we have Korean Taste at San Yeik Nyein Gamone Pwint. It’s known for its great taste thus you should try it if you like Korean BBQ.  They just offered a very nice discount at the start of the month.

There’s one more BBQ restaurant. The name of the restaurant is “Let’s Grill” and is located in Zeyar Thiri street which is the street beside Ice Berry. It is a low budget restaurant but the taste is worth the price. If you want to eat BBQ at a low price, that’s the place.

For Mala Shan Guo crazies, we have a restaurant named The Unique in the same Zeyar Thiri street. It offers a lot of tasty foods at low prices and you can tell them to adjust the meal to suit your taste. You should better try this restaurant if you go to Hledan.

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