If you love to wonder at the side of a lake and I am sure that eating and drinking beside a lake or a river will make u feel a pleasure too. It is undeniable that you will feel peace, calm and pleasure. And getting fresh air is a plus to make you healthier.

Floral Breeze Bar

Locating at the top of Hotel Sincere and fresh air through Nga Moe Yeik river is special. The taste of the foods are charming and the price of the food is also equal to its taste and amount. You can also smoke shisha and their signature cocktails will make you fresh.

Vintage Luxury Yacht

Although it is not subscribed as a river view bar, you won’t see the river as this bar. Because it is built on the river and will make u feel that you are in a cruise. Although drinks and foods are expensive, you should treat yourself sometimes. They also serve buffet sometimes too. And parties on Christmas and New Year.

V Hangout Bar

On the Kannar Road. Not a very big place but comfortable to sit. The taste of the food is good to eat and drinks menu is enough to make you drunk.

Yangon Yangon Rooftop Bar

A river view and locates at Sakura tower in the center of Yangon. Not only Yangon view but also Botahtaung Harbor view will be added as a river view.

For now, these all are considered as river view bars. I will write more if there are a lot more news.

With love……

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