A Food Tour around Sanchaung

I would like to call Sanchaung area as the Night Market of Yangon City. It is always crowded with people and there is no darkness due to numerous neon lights. If you are going to ask me what to do around Sanchaung Township , my answer is for sure to eat around. And if you are going to ask me where to go, the suggestion would be to continue reading this content.

1.Uncle Tetsu

Located at the corner of Baho Street and Phyar Pone Street and it can stimulate your appetite and make you hungry even if you walk on the front of this bakery.

  1. U Kyaw Steamed Rice

The reputation has been really good since our childhood. Affordable price and the taste is really delicious. And the amount of food given can make you full within one order.

  1. Tiger Sea Bass

Located on Kyun-taw Road and you can get various sea food in this place. The taste is not needed to subscribe for sure. Suits with beer on a Friday Night.

  1. Milk Bar

The location is on the Bargayar Road and this is a place that prioritized milk and dairy products. My suggestion to try would be Faluda. The sweetness is on point and the taste is charming.

5.De Burmese

The place where you can get Burmese traditional foods and the decoration of this place is very attractive. Shwe Yin Aye is a bit different from the normal ones. The taste is not very strong and will stimulate your stomach.

I think this should will take you around Sanchaung Township. I will tell you the street food vendors from there next week and would like to remind you to stay tuned for the new contents.

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