Black Bean Paste

A Delicious Upper Myanmar food, Black Bean Paste

Black bean sauce (Pone Yay Gyi) is one of the Myanmar traditional foods, since long times ago.  Myanmar people love to eat very much and the Upper Myanmar regions such as  Bagan, Nyaung U, Salay, Myingyan are main production areas. Production of black bean paste is a kind of domestic economic for the native in there. You can buy and easily purchased black bean paste almost everywhere in Myanmar.

We eat black bean paste in various ways as a condiment in other food and making salad. We usually eat black bean paste with onions, rice and cook with pork. Usually, black bean paste is made mainly with black soybeans. You can make it with other kind of beans also but soybeans are easier to buy here and taste is better to make black bean paste

Black Bean Sauce

Black bean paste provides full of nutrients. Therefore, it is an excellent food for our body. Soybeans that include in black bean paste are full of vitamins and proteins and  it  provide the immune system. Proteins that include in soybean is better than in meat because there is no cholesterol in soybean. It’s also good for memory and decrease Alzheimer’s disease. It can digest vitamins that solute in fat of body and good for strength of internal organs. Because of nutrients that include in it, you will look younger if you eat black bean sauce regularly. It also prevent from the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer that occur to lots of women. Almost every kind of beans include iron but in soybeans, iron includes most.

Black Bean Paste

There are two different kinds of black bean paste. They are dry black bean paste for keeping long time and the fresh bean paste. There is also way how to keep black bean paste. If you just keep it in bottle, it can be moldy. So, when you keep black bean paste, you need to pour a little oil to it.

Black Bean Paste
As you know, “Food is a medicine”. Some foods can prevent from diseases. If you eat black bean paste regularly, it can prevent from many diseases. So, we present the great benefits of black bean paste or your information. Please try to taste the black bean sauce in Myanmar . 

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A Delicious Upper Myanmar food, Black Bean Paste
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