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A day visit in Armed Forces Day

Armed forces day is not only a public holiday but also a deserted holiday and all the government offices are closed on that day. That’s why families and friends can gather around and it is very sure to visit around for fun. So, if you want to know where to go and what kind of foods to eat, you should read the following content.

To Thanhlyin City..

Thanhlyin is only an hour drive from Yangon and you can have the famous palm tree snack and a lot of nice Myanmar traditional food places. You should also taste the tempuras that sell around Kyike Kaut Pagoda.

To the other side Dala…

From Botahtaung, if you take the water bus, and cross over to the other side is Dala city and you can visit around by renting a trishaw and you can buy fruits and vegetables with very cheap price.

A visit to Bago….

You can also go there with your own car or you can take the bus. There are a lot of places to visit around and the food vendors around Shwe Maw Daw Pagoda are really amazing. Don’t forget to try the fried vermicelli from “Kwee” food shop from the main road and also the mutton BBQ which locates at the top of the Lay-Myat-Nar Pagoda Road.

Let’s get drunk in Hlegu…

There is not much place to visit in Hlegu. But if you turn left from the Hlegu main traffic light, the delicious toddy juice and various fresh dishes from Pa-Khan-Kyaw toddy field will be waiting for you.

Go to Hmawbi too..

Rent a car and a group of friends can enjoy the trip. By visiting the famous Hmawbi Japan Pagodas and will suggest you to buy the famous pomelos from there.

So, I am sure you won’t be bored in Armed Forces Day.

You should start thinking where to go since now.

I have decided to go to the toddy field.





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