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For this time, I am going to subscribe by combining about of the food with knowledge.

I am sure that you all are going to be bored if everything is about food. If there is any youth who wants to be a tour guide, I am sure that this content will might help you one day if you are in the work field. You can only visit Yangon not only by yourself, you can even show around to your foreigner friends.

It is best to start around Bahan 3rd street in the morning. You can visit around the wet market and also there are a lot of nice food stalls which sells mohinga, salads and sticky rice and all of them are delicious.

And after that area it is good to visit around Sule junction is the best place to march. The big restaurants which are standing like stacks of mushrooms will persuade your stomach for hunger noises. Choose one whatever you like and fill your guts under the busy atmosphere of the big city.

After your guts has been filled, go into the Scott Market and search for orange juice and Myanmar traditional foods stalls and enjoy them under the roofs of the market by avoiding the hot sun.

Myanmar traditional foods are usually sweet ones and they will fill up your sugar level to make you alive again and will make you ready to pass the evening time.

The best place to spend your evening is around Latha road since the Chinatown is not very far away from there too. So you can get lots of foods to enjoy. There are also stalls which sells seasonal fruits and foods.

After the evening and to pass the night ,you just need to walk into the 19th street which is not more than five minutes walking. There are a lots of bar that can make u drunk. If you don’t drink, you can enjoy juices too. The special tea leaf salad which sells in the middle of the street with carts will make you out of this world.

And if you still can walk, go near to Botahtaung harbor and sit at the small BBQ shops and feel the beauty of the river at night.

If you are too tired and don’t want to go back home, there is a budget hotel at the Bo Aung Kyaw road which is not very far away. It is very clean and even tourists stay there. Have a sound sleep of your night.

Visiting around like this can heal your stress and tiredness and also can make you gain weight if you do this regularly. So, be careful.


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With love….

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