Yummy Thai food place in Sanchaung

Last week afternoon our Doemal team took a walk near San Chaung and the rain was slowly falling and we all felt hungry. That was why we were in a rush and finding restaurants in order to fulfill our hungriness and not to wet from rain. And then at the corner of Mingalar Street and Padonmar Street, we saw the perfect restaurant which had all the foods we wanted. When we checked that restaurant from outside and it was nice and at the outside there also had a menu board with the price. All the foods are our favorite Thai foods, very convenient for us. The restaurant name is Thai Box.

After we entered the restaurant, we took a seat at a quiet and comfortable place. And all of us were very hungry  and we all immediately looked at the menus. When we looked at the menu, there were a variety of Thai foods. So our group ordered 4 special Thai food.

While we were waiting, we just checked up the interior decoration which is simple and good looking. There were two floors: upstairs and downstairs and a bit wide. And their attractive, chandelier, comfortable tables and chairs are decorated attractively.

Also at the corner of the entrance there is a photo corner for their customers to take a good memory photo shooting.

While we were gazing the decoration, first food of Tom Yum fried rice is arrived. There was two choice for Tom Yum fried rice with seafood and shrimp. We ordered shrimp Tom Yum fried rice, it was so tasty and sweet smell of Tom Yum and the crisp fried shrimps were so perfect when we ate together with fried rice. Also there was another Thai cooking style of Thai fried rice for those who do not like Tom Yum.

During we all ate the fried rice, arrived another food of grilled pork neck. When we looked at that, it looked really soft and juicy, really perfect when we ate it together with their own style sauce. Do not forget to try this tasty grilled pork neck when you arrive.

Another was Thai Green curry which has a sweet smell of coconut milk. This curry included chicken, peas, chili, Thai ginger and baby eggplant. When we tasted, it was so sweet and made us good in appetite. There is also another Thai red curry which is spicy and similar with Green curry.

The next curry will make you worth to come there and it is cooking in Thai style of Prawn with silver and white mushroom and also includes corn. First they boiled the prawn and cooked the prawn to absorb all the curry paste and cooked again and again. The prawn is big and  tasty. Even we ordered small size curry, it had six big prawns. You can go there and eat large size of this curry with your friend group.

And they also provide main Thai dishes of Salads, fried vegetables, soups, fried rice and fried noodles. Ok now finished eating, so it was time for drinks and desserts. There was also various drink type like fresh juices, mocktails and frappe, all you can choose.


In general, this restaurant is a nice place to chill with your friends and family. Their simple decoration is so nice and special Thai foods and curries make us mouthwatering. Their good point is all the menu of prawn can be choose for small dish and large dish, also the level of spicy can be made based on the customer choice so they make for their customer to be convenient. Also their chef is 20 years experienced so you can have the real taste of Thai seafood and main dish.


Thai Box is a perfect place for Thai food lovers and once you have been there, coming back next time will be a must. If you do not believe me, just go and enjoy the food yourself.

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Thai Box Restaurant

No.(76), Mingalar Street, Sanchaung Township, Yangon.


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