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8 weirdest foods in Japan

Japan is known for sushi and a very peaceful country to live. But also Japan is famous for weirdest foods, things and festivals. But most weirdest foods in the world are from Japan .In this content we will be describing 8 weirdest foods in Japan.


It is a kind of food that is made from fermented beans. It has a smell of gone bad cheese and strong flavor. You can find natto in every single market and convenience stores.


Funazushi is made from fermented carp. It takes at least a year to prepare funazushi.


Kame is a dish prepared with sea turtle and you can order it in any way you like it. But eating raw is the most popular way to eat kame.


This food is very rare and it is very expensive because it is a dish of raw whale meat.


Sashimi of horse meat is called basashi and sometimes it is called cherry meat due to its pink color flesh.


If you want to try this food, you need to be very brave. Because it is a dish made from the sex organs of cod fish and ponzu sauce.


Do you like to drink wine? You will need a lot of courage to drink this wine. This wine is very expensive for the cobra snake soaked in this wine. In each bottle, there is a cobra soaked and it is the reason that makes the wine taste better.

8.Jibachi Senbe

A simple cookie when you look from the outside. But if you bite it, there will be a lot of dead bees inside the cookies.

If you are in Japan ,and craving to try new foods, don’t forget these foods.




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