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7 Surprisingly Remedies for Acne

Acne are trouble makers. They cause pain on the face and one may lose confidence. If you are bothered by these trouble makers, here are simple and cheap remedies you can try.

Green Tea

Green tea has antimicrobial and antioxidant action to help fighting for acnes. To get benefits, cool a cup of green tea and wash your face with it or lay the tea bag on the affected area.


Honey’s antibiotic property can improve your acnes. Apply a tablespoonful of honey on affected skin. Besides, make a mask by mixing a half-cup of honey and a cup of plain oatmeal. Leave it for 30 minutes.


Mint help to remove pore-clogging oil. For acne, mix two tablespoon of each chopped fresh mint leaves, plain yogurt and oatmeal (you can use blender). Apply the mixture on the face and leave it for 10 minutes. Then rinse with water.


Aspirin contains salysalic acid which is used for acne treatment. Aspirin can dry pimples and reduce inflammation. Make a paste with aspirin and a bit of water or mix four tablets with 2 tablespoons of water.


Aloe is popular for its burn-soothing property. It can also promote healing, fight germs and reduce the risk of scarring. Scrap the gel from aloe with a spoon and apply on the acnes. You can buy aloe gels with no added ingredients from Healthy Shops. But you have to careful if it really contains natural aloe.


Lemon is exfoliate, skin lightener and disinfectant for reducing forming of scars and recurring of acnes. On a dry clean face, dab a little cotton swab with Lemon juice and rub on the acnes. Then wash your face with cool water.

Acidic Foods

Acidic foods like citric fruits and vinegar can flush pores. Dab a little cotton swab and fight with the acnes. Rub gently on the acnes and then wash your face.

There is one thing to be reminded that these remedies should only be used for mild acnes. Cases of serious conditions and allergy should be consulted with Dermatologist.


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