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7 Best Foods for Growing Nails

For this week content, our Doe Mal blog will be describing foods for growing nails especially for ladies. Nails are one parts of the human’s bone. Your natural beauty will be more gorgeous if your nails are stunning and healthy. Healthy nails can last longer for nail polishing. For healthier nails, you should eat more protein, zinc and necessary fats. Let’s see what kind of food you should eat more.


This food is rich in vitamins and minerals. It helps with your health and it also useful for beauty hacks. But don’t eat too much. It can make you really fat if you eat too much.


Foods that contains amino acids can help with your body to receive more protein. Broccoli has a lot of amino acids in it .It can help you to lose weight too.


Salmon helps with your health a lot. The fats in the salmon will make your skin glow and nails healthier.

4.Coconut Oil

Drinking pure coconut oil will improve vitamin A, D, E and K more and it will provide the fats needed in your body.


As eggs, chicken has a lot of proteins , vitamin D and zinc to support with your growing and glowing nails.


Dark green vegetables has a lot of vitamins and rich in zinc. Spinach contains a lot of these minerals and you should eat more for your nails.

7.Cashew nuts

Cashew nuts has collagen in it and it helps not only with your nails but also with your skin.

We wish all the ladies to be more beautiful and request you to stay tune for next contents.


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