5 Must Try Foods in Bangkok

Due to development of technology, the world is now as narrow as a village.
It is now too easy and affordable to travel from Yangon to Bangkok as it is upstairs and downstairs of your house.
Also the rates of travelling to Bangkok seems increased within this year.

In this content, I will guide you about 5 must try foods when you are in Bangkok.



You can see this food around the city in most of mobile food carts and you can taste the real taste of Kwae-Ta-Yo. The price is affordable and the amount served is more than enough.

2.Mu-Pinn and Sticky Rice

Mu-Pinn and Sticky Rice

Mu-Pinn and Sticky Rice

Mu-Pinn is a kind of pork barbeque on sticks marinated in their traditional sweet saucew.
You have to eat it together with sticky rice. Although it is a street food, the taste will make you out of this world.
3.Papaya Salad
Papaya Salad

Papaya Salad

Try the original taste of Papaya salad where it was originated. You can even add various kinds of meat and seafood if you wish to. In my opinion, small crabs are the best to add in.

4.Green Curry

Green Curry

Green Curry

This Thai Green Curry is the one that shouldn’t forget to taste. The appearance looks a bit same like Burmese traditional foods but the taste is a lot different and has its own delicious unique taste.
5.Kha-Nom-Wan ( Thai traditional Shwe-Yin-Aye)
Khanom- Wan

Khanom- Wan

It is similar to Myanmar traditional Shwe-Yin-Aye. This is a haven for sweet tooth persons. Because it contains various sweet and creamy ingredients. Good to go for deserts after eating spicy foods.
Don’t miss this five foods when you are in Bangkok.
They are affordable and can be found on streets easily too. So, let me stop here by suggesting to try these foods.

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