5 Minute Recipe: Tempura Shrimp

Prawn Tempura

Tempura Shrimp is one of the well-known Japanese dishes. Due to its delicious crispy taste and simple recipe, it is widely enjoyed around the world. It only takes about 5 minutes to prepare so you can easily serve a homemade shrimp tempura.

Ingredients To Make Shrimp Tempura Are:

Prawn Tempura

Shrimp – 20

Batter crumbs – 1 teacup

Egg – 2

Flour – 1 teacup


How To Make It

Prawn Tempura

First, peel and devein the shrimp and leave the tail. If you want your shrimp tempura straight bodies instead of being curl, make 4-5 cuts along the underside of the shrimp and extend the body from head to tail with your index finger

Prawn Tempura

Add some salt and place the shrimp in the flour bowl.

Prawn Tempura

And drain inside the egg bowl, then coat the shrimp in batter.။

Prawn Tempura


Prawn Tempura

After the shrimp is ready for deep fry, put the Canaplus Canola oil with 0% Cholesterol, Omega 3 and Vitamin E in the pan. The Canaplus Canola oil is has a structure of natural taste so it is a good choice to fry the shrimp tempura.

Prawn Tempura

When the oil heats up, place the shrimp to deep fry. Don’t forget to toss around the shrimps to be fried in balance.

Prawn Tempura

Once the batter is golden brown, it is ready to serve.


Prawn Tempura

Well, this is the basic 5 minute Shrimp Tempura recipe for Doemal Foodie. Why not try this easy dish at home?


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