Interesting Food From Europe

Interesting food from Europe

Europe is a foodie heaven with fresh meat, cheesy foods, bread and more sausages. There are some dishes which we’re all familiar with, such as paella, pizza and of course the roasted meat and bread. It is time to taste the interesting foods of Europe.

Casu marzuCasu marzu is known as rotten cheese which is originated from Sardina. It is a food filling sheep’s milk cheese with live insect larvae. Cheese covered in live maggot sound pretty disgusting. Traditional Casu marzu is made by heating sheep’s milk and left in a dark for about two or three month. After that, the curst is cut off with larvae. As the larvae eat the rotting cheese, it passes through their bodies and the excretions give the cheese a distinct flavor and texture. The cheese is typically eaten when the maggots are still alive, as dead maggots are a sign that it has gone bad. When you eat these cheese, you must be chewed the larvae before swallowing. The cheese is usually enjoyed on flat bread with a glass of strong red wine.

Surstromming is the Swedish name for soured herring. It is fermented Baltic Sea herring that is sold in cans and eaten in the north of Sweden. The smell is the thing that has made Surstromming famous. The smell of pungent make surstromming famous. Small Baltic herring are caught in the spring. Salted and left to ferment before being stuffed in a tin about a month before and fermentation process continues in the tin. The most common way to eat surstomming is with thin bread which is soft. They also made sandwich with surstoming, butter, potatoes, sour cream and diced onion. It is a sharp, cutting taste food which is traditionalist swedes and adventurous food lovers.

EscargotThe escargot is a cooked land snail. Escargots are usually served as a starter in Portugal, Spain and in France, and are a typical dish in the Catalan region of Spain. In France, escargot dish is prepared with garlic. Parsley butter, seasoning and severed in their shells. In Greece and Italy land snails are often consumed in a variety of meals and sometimes used in sauce and pasta. It is an expensive dish because of their delicacy, low in fat and high protein.

Haggic Scotland’s national dish of Haggis made from the heart, liver and lungs of a sheep which is minced and mixed with oatmeal, animal fat or suet, and onions. It is flavored with salt and pepper before being stuffed into a cleaned sheep’s stomach and then boiled for a few hours. Modern versions tend to use artificial casings . It is definitely acquired taste and served with yellow turnip and potatoes. Millions of Haggis are produced every year and exported to every part of the world.

အမဲရောင် ပူတင်းBlack pudding is a type of blood sausage commonly eaten in Europe. It is generally made from pork fat, pork blood and mixed with oat and barley groats. Common seasonings usually include salt, pepper, cloves and onions. It is generally served grilled, baked, boiled and fried as part of a traditional English breakfast. Black pudding looks greasy but has a strong flavor.

Kakakukko ပေါင်မုန့်Kakakukko bread is a traditional food from Savonia. It is a loaf of rye bread consists of fish, pork, and bacon and seasoned with salt fillings baked for several hours in masonry oven. After being baked, bones of the fish soften and the meat and fish juices cook thoroughly inside the bread.

Feel the new experience the soul of interesting culture and traditional unique foods of Europe.

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