When you go on trips, taking photos is a must-do but don’t forget to try some new foods. These are the traditional foods that you should try when you visit Kachin State.

Long-time ago, bamboo was baked and used as a container for cooking in Kachin state. Since bamboo was abundant in hilly regions, it was widely used.  This is just a piece of information. I am sharing a story that my friend told me.

So, Doemal made a list of what you should try out when you travel to Kachin state, which is the northernmost part of Myanmar. Even if you have too many kinds of foods to try, you should have a taste of these. It’s just eating so you have nothing to lose, isn’t it? 😂


Traditional Soup

They said most of the Kachin cuisines are made with pork soup. (Except for the vegan cuisines.) This soup is a type of pork rib soup. They put dried pickled choy sum, basil, parsley, onion, and garlic into the pork soup. It is not the main cuisine and it is more famous as a side dish. People like me, who can’t say no to pork, do not have any reason to reject this.


Si Par

Si Par is a cuisine cooked without oil. This is cooked with milk powder and vegetables and hence vegans would love it. The ingredients are pumpkin, pumpkin leaves, mushroom, basil, mustard, cauliflower, long beans, ladies’ fingers(okra) – really a lot of vegetables. But you should not look down on it because it is a vegan cuisine.


Kachin style Chicken curry

I think a lot of people know this. Chicken is first mixed with the ingredients such as chilli powder and is braised. Then, they put basil, green chillies, parsley, laska leaves and sour bamboo shoots and cook all of them together.


Kachin Dan Pouk

This one is made with rice, beans, fried onions, mushroom and carrots. I think it is a kind of steaming but I am not sure though. It is cooked with meats such as beef, pork or chicken in Kachin style.

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