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The Delicious Foods from Kyi Myin Daing Night Market

I am sure that you guys will heard of the Kyi Myin Daing Night Market. It is huge and there are a lot of delicious foods. And it is a very good place to go shopping. And there are a lot of things to buy too. And also there are a lot of shops too.

Don’t ask about what kinds of foods that you can try. You can have starting from breakfast foods to supper foods. And you can’t deny that every foods that you eat is very delicious. The shops that I am going to mention locate not only inside the market but also outside the market. The first shop that I am going to mention is that a small shop that you can try shrimp spring rolls and noodle salad. The taste of the noodle salad with pickled rice is very fantastic. And also the soup that they serve is very delicious which is with lotus trunk. It is very healthy to drink since it has a lot of pepper in it. Will make you sweat and freshen you up.

Next one is Shwe Yin Aye and Mont Lat Saung. It locates at the back of the market near the exit. The rich creamy taste of the coconut milk will blow you away and the texture of the jelly is fantastic. And also the taste of durian and milk cream which sells at the middle block will take your breath away.

If you go out to the front of the market, you will see a juice shop which is very tasty to try. This shop is very cheap and all the juices are very creamy. Especially the avocado juice. You also don’t have to worry about sore throat because they don’t put a lot of ice cubes into the juice.

Also the couple snack near the entrance of the market is full of taste .The taste of chives and boiled peas will make you feel like there is no more delicious food. Good for a bite!!

At the opposite side of this couple snack, there is a pork stick shop and it is very popular. The meat slices are big too. Not that very expensive and the sauce is very tasty. Go early. If you are late, there won’t be too much variety meat. If you go early, you can even have pig eyes. The pork leg soup is very delicious too.

Now, there are a lot of shop that you can go around and try. And one last thing to suggest. Please take some extra money because you are going to eat and shop.

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