2017 Trendy Foods Among Foodies

2017 trendy foods

Hi Doemal Foodies! It is already a new year 2018, so do you still remember what you had been eaten in 2017? A lot of foods had become trendy among Myanmar foodies in 2017. Let’s see whether your favorite food is in the list or not.

Mala Xiang Guo

2017 trend food

This hot and spicy Chinese food is the trendiest food in 2017. Malar Xiang Guo with the smell of Malar and the hot taste is available at most restaurants in Yangon.

Hot Pot Buffet

2017 trend food

Gluttons’ favorite Hot Pot Buffet is also in the list of 2017 food trends. You can choose the flavor of soup and add meat and vegetables as much as you want.

BBQ Buffet
2017 trend food

The bbq on the grill that gives out amazing burning smell of smoke and meat is also on the list.

Spicy Noodle

2017 trend food

Not only being hot and spicy, once you eat it, it will blow your mind. These spicy noodles were also trendy in 2017. It is also okay for those who can’t eat too spicy to try because you can choose the spicy levels.

Korean Cuisine

2017 trend food

Anyyeonghaseyo… not only the Oppas from Korean Dramas are handsome, Korean foods are also popular in Myanmar. Bibimbap (Korea Rice Salad) and Topokki (Stir-fried Rice Cake) are commonly seen almost everywhere.


2017 trend food

Seafood also had become quite popular in 2017. There are a lot of favorite seafood menus of foodies. They love to eat fresh seafood with sour and spicy flavor, grill them or make them into salads. The resulting taste will be delicious whatever way you try to eat them.

Pork Stick

2017 trend food

Pork sticks have been at it every time. Foodies who eat more than 20 sticks will know the best that it’s addicted as you eat.


A lot of pizza restaurants have become well known in 2017. As home delivery is also available, it is known as a kind of food ordered when everyone is gathered and hungry.

Fresh Fry Ice-Cream

2017 trend food

Fresh fry ice-cream is not like the normal ice-cream. It was wrapped and fried, and being loved by kids and most teenagers. Variety of flavors is also available for you to choose.

The list of foods mentioned above was trendy in 2017. You want to try those foods but don’t know where to find? Don’t worry! Doemal is here to guide you to the place where your favorite foods exist.

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