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Interesting Kachin Food Cultures

Kachin State is the northernmost state of Myanmar and bordered by China and India. Kachins love their culture and tradition. They maintain their culture in detail from language to clothing, food, etc. Kachin foods are non-oily and cooked well with vegetables. All forest vegetation is cooked together with wild animals like snake, monkey, crow, hart and deer. As an unusual food, eat tiger meat for their health and dry the meat and sell them. Also some interesting cultures related with foods can be seen.

They have some rules and regulations based on foods. Based on the ancient Kachin beliefs, pregnant women can’t eat honey which will cause abortion for them. Also eating pumpkins will cause liver disease and before drinking water or whisky, throw a little amount of drink to give god and children eating eggs will stop developing their feet. Moreover, men eating tiger hearts will strengthen them and believe that should eat during wars. At the other side, believe eating crow will grow your fear.

Kachin steamed fish

Kachin food culture

Kachin steamed fish is really famous food not only in Kachin but also in most cities. Variety of Kachin spices, rice powder, tomatoes and fish are wrapped in banana leaf and steamed that’s why really healthy and delicious food.

Sweet rice wine

Kchin food culture

Sweet and cold drink is very famous drink in Kachin state and made by boiling together black sticky rice, milk and sugar. Also very famous dessert.

Kachin Herbal Eggs

Kachin traditional food

Kachin medical egg is one of the popular foods in Kachin Traditional food. It is boiled together with special herbs and fruits and good for health.

Kachin pounded beef salad with herbs

Kachin traditional food

Kachin beef salad is very popular food of Kachin. It is made with pound beef,  garlic, ginger, shan coriander, soybean, phat phel leaf, green chili and basil are beat up together. If finished all, add lime juice and can be eat together with the rice.

Kachin style Chicken curry

Kachin traditional food

The most suitable for rainy season food is Kachin style Chicken curry and most popular food in Kachin. Chicken is cooked together with pickled bamboo shoot, phat phel leaf, basil and tasty with spicy sour flavor.

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